About Singapore


Singapore is a small island country located 136.8km north of the equator. It is linked to Malaysia by two causeway bridges and the key islands of the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia are a quick ferry trip away. Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines are short plane journeys away. Singapore’s airport is served by more than 69 airlines and is a gateway to South-East Asia.


Singapore enjoys warm tropical weather throughout the year. Temperatures reach a maximum of 33°C during the day, falling to 25°C during the evening hours.

Airport Transfers

Changi International Airport is the main airport in Singapore. It is about 30km from the NUS campus. The journey takes about 25 minutes and costs about SGD$30.00 by taxi.

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System is also available at Airport Terminal 2.


The unit currency is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). Foreign currency and traveller’s cheques can be exchanged at the airport and at most hotels and shopping centers.

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted. Banks throughout Singapore generally open from 9.30am to 3.30pm Mondays to Fridays and from 9.30am to 11.30am on Saturdays. Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are open around-the-clock.

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Electricity Supply

British-style plugs, with two flat blades and one flat grounding blade, are used in Singapore. The voltage is 220-240 volts AC, 50 Hertz.


Food is a national passion among Singaporeans. The city is home to a delicious array of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines as well as culinary favorites from all over the world. There are restaurants that suit every budget. Food on the NUS campus is largely subsidized, making meals very affordable for participants.


There are four official languages in Singapore: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English. English is the language of business and administration, and is widely spoken and understood. Most Singaporeans are bilingual, and speak their mother tongue as well as English. Malay is the national language.

Passport, Visa and Vaccination

All international visitors entering Singapore must possess a passport with minimum six months validity. Visas are not required for most countries.

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NUS has a strict non-smoking policy on campus. In addition, smoking in Singapore is banned in public buses, taxis, lifts, theatres, government offices, cinemas, shopping centres, restaurants, covered areas and food centres.

Time Zone

The standard time zone of Singapore is UTC/GMT +8 hours.


It is prohibited to tip at the airport and tipping is discouraged in hotels and restaurants where a service charge of 10% is usually included. A tip should only be given in instances where the bill does not include a service charge.


Inexpensive public transport is readily available in Singapore. Beside taxis, the bus network and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system offer quick access to all parts of the island. On the NUS campus, there is free shuttle bus service.